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Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

Handmade Leather Messenger Bag


Handmade distressed leather messenger bag.

Quantity:  at  £75.00  each 

Handmade leather messenger bag made from firm chestnut coloured distressed leather to give a worn in rustic appearance. Features an internal pocket for a mobile phone, wallet or keys, etc. and a smaller external pocket for receipts, cards or a mobile device. Front panel finished in warm tan block dyed to compliment the rustic style. Strap is fitted with a wide shouder pad for comfort and to lessen the load! Handstitched with wax thread for extra durability. Bag measures approx 30cm X 25 cm externally, strap is adjustable incrementally from around 130cm to 145cm by means of two solid brass buckles.


Back view.




Internal pocket.



External pocket.



Soft shoulder strap.


Fitted with solid brass buckeles.